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7410 5th St. SE, Calgary, AB

(403) 255-6262

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The Gist : They describe Worldwide Specialty Foods as glad, southern, perfect, excellent, knowledgeable, personal, horrible

  • 7665th visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    Worldwide Specialty Foods review on 2015-07-02 23:30:50

    They claim to serve small companies, however, no matter the size of the order they refuse to deliver to a residence, even for an additional fee. Often the product is very dusty and has to be cleaned prior to being used and often is very close or past the due date, yet they still sell it. I cant say that even once when I have gone to pick up an order that it has all been there. They say they have the product but when you arrive you have to wait because they didnt and are trying to see if they have any substitutes. There is no website, nobody seems to have a clear idea of what is in the warehouse and they take orders over the phone for products they dont have in stock.

    I dont understand why they wont get a website made so people can SEE EXACTLY what is in stock, order it and have it shipped out or come pick it up if they are local. To be able to order online would be so much easier. Initially they were my go to but have fallen to emergency or last minute only.

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